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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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makers know they don't want them messing with their pensions. first we begin with late-breaking news out of japan. >> a new explosion happened just hours ago and has officials fearing a major radiation leak is about to occur. japanese officials say a fourth reactor at an already damaged nuclear plant is on fire and more radiation is being released at this hour. the prime minister is telling everyone within a 19-mile radius to stay indoors. this is the very latest following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has sent japan into a state of chaos. and tonight 11 news reporter spoke with a teacher from baltimore stuck near the power plant. >> i talked to chris tonight. he is stranded in a shelter 56 miles away from the reactor. he says the japanese government is advising them to stay inside
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but he says most people don't have the option because they don't have enough gas to drive to safer territory because all the local gas stations are closed. >> over the course of the first three days the situation has deteriorated to a point of almost primitiveness. >> he puts the situation in perspective from the heart of the crisis zone. the 32-year-old was teaching when the earthquake struck killing two people there. he sent back pictures of the structural damage that rendered many buildings unsafe, forcing him and 400 other people to move into the junior high school. >> there are huge food shortages. we're using reclaimed water from the school swimming pool, for example, to flush the toilets so the sanitary conditions aren't so good as well. >> but the greatest concern right now is its proximity to the nuclear power plant that is dealing with the potential
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radiation leak. the school sits 56 miles from the site. >> no one has discussed evacuation or contamination procedures or anything like that here. we're really in the dark, literally and figuratively here. >> we asked university of maryland college park professor to put the fears into perspective. >> if it runs out of cool nt, the engine will seize up and then will have problems. but unlike a car, the problems here are radioactive problems. either the third or second most seerings accident. >> even in the worst case scenario doesn't play out, he is still concerned about the radiation that has already leaked. >> nobody seems to know what level of risk we are at right now. now that rain is coming and they are saying there's radiation in the air, i'm really concerned that our health is at risk. >> following the most recent
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explosion that happened in the last few years, detectors showed radiation lels have skyrocketted to 40100 times normal lels. they say radiation levels are lower than what you would be exposed to during a chest x-ray. they are hoping to evacuate to a safer area like tokyo. his family wants him to come back to the states. >> thank you. also tonight we are getting one of the first looks at the damage caused throughout japan as seen from space. google showed the hardest hit areas before and after the disaster. the pictures show a devastated shore line with flattened buildings and debris. an estimated 10,000 people have -- 1,000 people have been killed. it is one of the strongest ever recorded. >> an update. sky team 11 over the scene of an accident involving a medic
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unit in west baltimore. four people were taken to the hospital including two medics who we are told were treated for minor injuries. >> to the rally in annapolis where thousands gathered with a clear message to lawmakers. don't mess with our pensions. >> in annapolis all evening, joining us live from outside the state house. >> those union members gathered from all over the state, thousands of them here in front of the state house. and clearly they're serious, there is great power in numbers. >> 10,000 people marching and chanting. the teachers, government workers and state employees rallied against the proposal. >> the proposal designed to address the state's $19 billion
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unfunded pension liability. but union members say it puts their future and families in jeopardy. >> they are doing a job they need to be paid for it. they had the furloughs. they had reductions. now it's time to step up. give the people what they're due. >> people took these jobs going into public service making a contribution with the knowledge that they wouldn't be getting rich but with the belief that they would be protected in the future. >> under the proposal, retirement age would increase from 55 to 60. the vesting period from five to ten years. current employees either increase out-of-pocket contributions or accept a slightly lower benefit and cost of living adjustments would be linked to inflation and pension fund performance for future retirees. teachers say they are concerned about pension and proposed cuts to education. >> we don't want to leave any child behind.
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we want to move them ahead. we want that $100 million cut to be returned to our children. >> the state would save $180 million if the plan is approved. money that anti-union demonstrators argue the state needs now more thanr. >> we don't have the money any longer to sustain these extremes benefit packages other post-employment benefit packages. the moneys have dried up. >> the assembly has just started its discussion on pension reform. union members have endorsed a tax hike plan as an alternative to changing the pension system. >> ravens center matt burg joined hundreds for the 32nd annual march for life. the pro-life event aimed to
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encourage lawmakers the health and safety of women. he says more youth are joining that crowd each year. >> our kids are determined that abortion is something that is not necessary in our culture any more. >> being a parent, i feel so grateful. i feel like my children are a gift from god. and i just want to express that for other people to hear. >> organizers estimate more than 700 people attended tonight's march. and breaking news tonight out of annapolis. after debate into the evening maryland senators have passed a bill giving an in-state tuition break to undocumented students the measure requires students to attend commune college where they went to high school for two years before qualifying for in-state tuition rates at four-year colleges and universities. also in annapolis state lauk makers will -- lawmakers will
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consider an increase gas tax proposal. >> governor o'malley urged caution in gas drilling in western maryland. they will consider science and safety assurances in reviewing pending applications to drill. >> also tonight, the family of a baltimore teenager is pleading for some answers after a 19-year-old woman was shot as she walked out of a local store. it happened over the weekend. police say she was an innocent by snder. she was shot along with two men. the men survived. >> what were they shooting at? [inaudible] he gave her a chance to run and shot my baby in the back. >> her family says she planned to go to completen state in the
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fall. the owner of two american bull dogs that viciously attacked a child over the weekend is facing a host of several charges. >> a seven-year-old was attacked over the weekend. tonight the dogs were euthanized. >> the owner of the two american bull dogs that viciously attacked amanda mitchell faces a laundry list of official charges. she will get civil charges that do result in violations but there is also a required hearing process where the owner must come before the animal hearing board. and there are people there who will testify. >> two american bull dogs like the one in this picture attacked amanda while she rode her bicycle. the dogs managed to escape over the weekend and ran after amanda. >> hearing her screams her mom came out to try to separate the dogs from her daughter.
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>> her cousin tried using this peeze of wood. a neighbor also tried to help with a shovel but it was too late. >> the dog ripped her left side like ripped her hair off and her whole face. the first coat skin is gone all to her mouth. >> the two dogs were euthanized this morning and will be tested for rabies. >> it's routine to do that when we have an animal and the owner is cooperating. >> it's unknown how the dogs got out but baltimore county law requires pet owners to keep their dog or cat on a leash. there is also other ways to prevent animal bites. >> make sure it's registered, it's up to date on its shots and be a responsible pet owner and good neighbor. >> regardless of your dog's breed, it's recommended to enroll them in obedience school. >> an accused crooked couple is under arrest tonight.
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28-year-old edward johnson and his wife robin close at least four cases in the western part of the county. howard county work to see if the couple is responsible for any other crimes. >> the baseball season just around the corner now coming up , we have more from sarasota. ♪ ♪ >> find out who will be walking the in field. >> those stories and old man winter. is he done yet? >> there's a wet storm coming this way and the system has some springlike systems with it, severe storms and snow. all of that to move over the splim. instant weather plus is coming up.
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oprah: why this mom married a killer behind bars for life. then, witness an astonishing wedding. 13 n
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>> well, that's the grammy award group train who will perform along with bruno mars at this year's running of the preakness states stakes. it will the third year folks can't bring their own alcohol into the infield. >> it was the right thing to do and i think that the guests that found last year found it a positive experience and they want more. >> this year's preakness will be may 21. and let us know what your favorite train songs are. log on. facebook us. or send us a tweet. >> customers say they are a frustrated. >> they say they got defective furniture, and poor customer service. >> looking into the complaints and some expert advice for the next time you go furniture shopping.
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>> not worth it. >> she bought this furniture set for her teen age son. she ordered it from ashley furniture home store. she said she paid $14000. they like the -- $1400. >> there was an awful scent and we couldn't figure out what it was. >> the furniture was delivered in june and she says by august her son couldn't stand to sleep in his own room any more. >> it's almost like for lack of a better term musty underarmings and it's just really strong. >> i wanted to smell for myself. when you first walk into the room it definitely has a musky order kind of like an old basement. and when you get right up close. >> she called the store time and time again, even went there on several occasions to scomplaven but said she got no where. >> i would work a full day and then go to the store to speak to someone and still no resolve.
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i don't know who the manager is because there were three people claimed to be the manager and not one of the three was of any assistance to me. >> ken and marsha understand her frustration. they ordered this table and chair set from the same store. when it was delivered they noticed a chair was missing part of its foot. plus. >> the chairs didn't turn. the table was getting scratched. nothing was going right with this set. >> she says for weeks she and her husband called the store over and over again. >> and they kept putting us off and putting us off. if i could, i would pick up the table and i would carry it right back into the store, dump it in the middle of the show room and say here, you can is have this back. >> we checked with the local better business bureau. as of february 4, that store had a d-rating. it's primarily on the number of complaints, more than 50 in three years.
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we paid the store a visit. the manager refused to speak with us so we contacted the store's parent company. the spokes pench says we take the service we provide our customers seriously. we do as much as we can. but i do realize sometimes we fall short of expectations. in regard to the bbb report, the company first said at first glance that may seem excessive but during the same period we have served 48,000 customers. all complaints with the bbb have been addressed and we do not have any unresolved issues. when we checked all of the other stores in our area had excellent ratings. karen is the director of mediation for consumer protection with the state attorney general's office. she says before you buy furniture, it is important to check the contract. especially the refund policy. >> maryland doesn't require any certain particular refund policy. but they do require that the refund policy be clearly
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disclosed. >> she also advises you pay with a credit card so you can dispute the charges. but you have to do so within 30 days. and never pay the full amount up front. >> you want to make sure what you are doing is paying a deposit and then you have the opportunity to inspect the pr doesn't before you pay the final amounts. so that you can ensure that the product meets the qualifications that you are looking for. >> they say they disputed the charges with their credit card company which refunded the full amount of $850 for the table set. >> very frustrating and it's very frustrating to my son because he really would like to sleep in his bed. >> someone from the store did come out to inspect the bedroom set but did not agree to return it. she says she is given up and plans on trying to sell it and be much more cautious the next time she buys furniture. >> now, karen, the attorney general's office, says if you
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can't work out a dispute directly, you can file a complaint with their office. you will find a link to their site plus a link to the better business bureau. just click on i-team. >> wint winter's final push. it left parts of the midwest covered in snow. luckily, temperatures are on the rise and all the snow should be gone by midweek. >> now, your 11 instant weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist. >> the countdown is on to the start of spring, six days away. these last few days of winter are feeling more and more like springtime. normal for this time of year. record high was just four years ago. 14 march 2007 when we hit a summer like 83. the pollen count has been with us. 41, moderate. getting kind of chilly. the cloud cover still thin to allow if heat to raid yak back
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out. 37 in parkton. 39 in westminster. that thin layer of clouds way up there for a while was producing a halo around the moon, the ice crystals and the moon shine there. and temperatures will continue to cool off as long as those clouds stay thin. back to freezing now around oakland and western maryland. there is some precipitation underneath the clouds but not near here. you have to get down to central west virginia and virginia and in those areas there could be a little sleet or wet snow. but for our region, partly cloudy skies. sunrise at 7:181 with temperatures near 40. the center of the storm coming our way. western tennessee forecast to go up into eastern ohio and push toward the northeast. that will drag the front to the coast and bring in some moisture and a period of rain might be heavy tomorrow night.
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during the day clouds thickening and a chance for shower. and then a period of moderate to perhaps occasionally rain. at 3:00 in the morning on wednesday but by 9:00 the system is moving out and we might see a little sun. so it's a quick moving system and won't produce quite as much rain but still another shot of wet weather before dries out and begins to warm up. tomorrow approaching storm, increasing clouds and shower chances going up. the bay water temperatures are in the 40's. may start mix with sleet or even wet snow before changing to a chilly rain tomorrow afternoon. around the bay, heading toward sun set a chance for light showers. lower eastern shore the rain will not start until well after sunset. about r52. the seven day forecast, 50s but only low 50s. as the rain moves away the temperature pops into the mid and upper 50s.
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on st. patrick's, some sunshine and the warmup gets under way. temperatures start to cool off over the weekend and spring arrives 7:21 sunday evening. >> just because -- maryland's women team earned its place at the siting tonight. find out where to find them up next in sports.
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>> right after the terps men's basketball team got completely
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shut out, the women's team got the direction to its road to the final 4. the terps will open play at home against st. france sess as the fourth's seed. the terps finished the season with a 23-7 record but will have to bounce back from the tournament. if maryland wins in the first two rounds, then the terps will likely face two-time defending national champs in philadelphia for the seat 16. this year's game will take place in nments. the terps get started on sunday against st. francees. a little afternoon in college park. navy's women's team also gets a toict the dance. open play saturday at 1:30. if you have your hopes set on a local matchup, maryland-navy game, you will have to wait. that will not happen if it happens until the elite 8. second base ym brian roberts
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got an mri on his sore back. a lot can ride on what those tests show. it helped turn the oriole season upside down. buck would rather not have to use contingency plans but you can bet he has them. bottom of the fourth, that's martin reynolds driving in nick giving the our yole a 3-2 lead. randy, left center field, solo home run. going after the ball, loses his glove. it's spring training. he jumps the ten-foot fence. talk about another leeth. just springs back over. crazy athletic ability. so do theos. >> next up for the n.f.l. labor dispute. request for an injunction will go before a district court on
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april 6. don't look for any negotiations to resume before that hearing. meanwhile, the decertified players' union wants the top college prospects to boycott in new york. the top picks usually walk on stage after the commissioner announces which team has selected them. they reduced the fan fair but the league will still hold the draft. raven center matt burk who took part tonight in the walk for life has to wait and watch for a labor resolution. burk, a harvard graduate and veteran continues to believe owners and players will reach a deal. but the complications of court proceedings make when a tricky thing for anybody to pin point right now. >> it's unfortunate for the fans especially. but now it's in the court's hands and i'm confident something will get done and we'll be playing football again in the fall. probably not going to happen as quickly as we all want it to
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but just as long as we're on the field in september that's really all that matters. >> march madness set to begin, the n.f.l. in limbo and opening day less than three weeks away, 500 days seems like an eternity unless you are talking about the olympic. summer games now start in only 500 days. it make take that long to find out exactly what the game's organizers had in mind when they came up with winlock for the mascot. we may need the 500 days. stick around, the seven forecast --
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>> some rain on the way, continuing into wednesday. but when this kind of cooling wet system moves out, a real spring pattern sets in. >> what do you think of him? you were afraid. >> your son scares me. he's kind -- >> lep con is -- >> he is jumping up and down. >> he gets into it as well. >> i knew you would look at it that way. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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